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Athletic Woman With Kettlebells

Athletic Woman With Kettlebells





Stretching Exercises

Stretching Exercises

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IMG-1534 (1)

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Personal Trainer



Personal Training has become a very popular service with many people experiencing results, therefore, demonstrating its value. When you sign up with a trainer, you can expect regular education, support and guidance. Your trainer will hold you accountable – it’s nice to know you always have someone looking over your shoulder. Your trainer will provide safety, variety and efficiency and effectiveness.
Group Workout Session



Small group personal training is more than just an economic alternative to one-on-one training.  Small Group training offers the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of the private rate plus working out in the same room with others pushes you to a new effort level.  We have established groups that you can join or we can help you organize a group of your friends.

Small group personal training sessions are 50 minutes in length. Custom designed workouts are built in with different levels of fitness in mind.  The participants do not have to be at exactly the same fitness levels to benefit from group training. You will receive accountability, motivation, support, experience and expert guidance to reach your fitness goals in this small group environment of 5-6 clients to 1 coach.

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Corporate fitness is fitness facilities and wellness programs for the workplace. The programs may take place at that particular business, a nearby health club, or another facility. These programs increase job satisfaction and help keep employees healthy, especially since people are now working longer days.

As a trainer, working with people outside the four walls of your health club can be a great way to keep yourself motivated and energized, because you're changing your environment. Corporate fitness allows the trainer to experiment with different programming, and working with larger numbers of people can also increase hourly pay and overall salary.

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Welcome to D.B Fitness

D.B. Fitness provides a friendly atmosphere, no hassles brought by crowds- We are not like the over-sized, threatening gym. If you choose to watch the news on TV or listen to the radio while you are working on your training program, we don’t mind. You may also bring a friend or family member for a complimentary session with you…everyone is welcome!


D.B. Fitness provides eating plans that work – Forget everything you know about diets, we will teach you how to EAT!!!


Proper form and technique- We put our experience and knowledge at your service for maximum efficiency and greater safety.


Maximum results in minimum time- Follow our lead and you’ll see fast and guaranteed results!

We care and we want you to succeed. We love what we do and helping you get the best shape of your life is our mission!

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